Underrated Songs from the 2000s by Dominic Jimenez

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Do you ever what ever happened to a lot of these really good artist from the 2000s? Some of these people had #1 hits across the country and never did anything else. WELL here is a list of my favorite underrated songs from the 2000s! 

1. Boyz N Da Hood - Dem Boyz


This song was hella hot back in 2004 I remember being in high school or about to go into high school and everyone had the snowman Jeezy shirts getting in trouble lol


2. Game - Wouldnt get far Ft. Kanye West

First thing first RIP Kanye West. We will never get this level of Yeezy again and this is what i consider Kanye in his prime with Game in his prime as well this was a huge record to me and doesn't get enough credit. 

3. Kanye West, Twista, & Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz

Another really huge song to me in the early 2000s and possibly the first song I remember hearing Kanye on that made me interested in his work. Also its fucking Twista with one of the most memorable impossible verses ever lol. 

4. Snoop Dogg - Beautiful Ft. Pharrell 

This is possibly one of my favorite songs of all time! I know everyone else would put Drop it like its hot in there list but I love this song so much more and think this is such a perfect collab between them and will always sound amazing no matter how old I get. 

5. Sean Paul & Sasha - Im Still In Love With You

This song right here is hella overrated as far as Sean Paul goes he's one of the most underrated artist from the 2000s! He had one of the 10/10 albums during that time period and it was his damn debut lol people were really sleeping on him.

What do you guys think about this list of songs what song do you think I should add?

Music: Jhene Aiko "Never Call Me" Official Video by Dominic Jimenez

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Not many people know this but I've lowkey been a Jhene fan for a minute and finally got to see her live this year with my gf in LA and it was AMAZING...everyone is always talking shit like "sHe cAnT sInG" but she killed it and she had Willow Smith open for her who was also epic af! 

Anyways this video was shown partially in the TRIP video and it dropped today but not only 1 but 2 new videos for the same song which I think is dope check em out below!


Review: The Black Panther 9/10 by Dominic Jimenez


Ok, so I wanted to let the hype die down for a minute before I wrote anything about this movie because I didn't want it to come off as a biased opinion. I went to see the movie twice so far and will be seeing it again since it has passed the billion dollar mark in less than a month of its release.

I want to point of some of the things I really loved about this movie. The first thing I loved about the movie of course is the mostly black cast and Ryan Coogler directing this masterpiece, the second thing I loved is the bridge created between Black people from the US and Africans. I saw an interview Ryan made about going to Africa to study for this movie and reconnect with his roots and how his view of Africa has many similarities to how African-Americans act and the reason we do a lot of the things we do because they are traditional behaviors passed down. 

I love the royal guard of the king as well as the way the different tribes really represented tribes in Africa. I think it really captured the culture of a King in Africa and the actors did an amazing job....except Michael B Jordan lol

Now please dont get on my ass for this but Killmonger was a dope character even though I think Micheal B Jordan was overacting in a few scenes because the second time I watched I was deff cringing at his voice and his faces in some parts lol. 

OTHER THAN THAT...the movie was amazing people are always gonna complain about CGI and shit but they dont even know how to do any of that for themselves so who are they to really judge but anyways I gave this movie a 9/10 what did you guys think!?


Rick & Morty x Run The Jewels Season 4 Promo by Dominic Jimenez

Holy SHIT! This is the second promo I've seen for Rick and Morty Season 4 but this Run the Jewels collab is seriously crazy. I love the animation on this  and it makes some more of these wild conspiracy theories seem more reasonable, especially at the end with the Morty getting pushed into that trapped door. All we know is Evil Morty is still at large and the Morty we know is starting to become fed up with the Rick we've been watching so who knows whats going to happen next season!